Dogs Face Risk of Leptospirosis from Raccoons

Last night I assisted my neighbor in containing a raccoon that was seriously injured or ill. If you live in an area where these cute but ferocious bandits are common be sure to have your dog vaccinated against Leptospirosis, a deadly bacterial infection that causes total kidney failure in humans and dogs.

It typically spreads via the urine of racoons and rats.

Adlerhorst International Police K9 Training

I thought I knew a lot about dogs back in 1987.

But then Dave Reaver expanded my knowledge and training skills exponentially at his police dog and handler programs in Riverside, California.

This man is a dog psychology genious, and runs the best police K9 and handler facility on the planet, Adlerhorst International Inc.


Grapevine K9 Teams Up with Elite Dog Training

Laurel and Hardy, Snoopy and Charlie, Staubach and Pearson, and now Grapevine K9 and Elite Dog Training!

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with our good friend and fellow professional dog trainer Chris Black, owner of Elite Dog Training in North Richland Hills.

The success of Grapevine K9 and Elite Dog Training individually has resulted in a wealth of dog training experience and wisdom for Chris Black and Tim Frazier.

Each having a natural gift and intuition about dogs, both men have achieved a deep understanding of dog psychology and behavior. Now, having built successful businesses on their own, they are joining forces to leverage each other’s knowledge and techniques, resulting in a powerhouse combination that will benefit the clients of both organizations.

This is not a business merger, rather it is a collaboration between experts that creates a rich repository of dog training knowledge and skills that trainers from both companies will tap to ensure their clients are getting efficient, compassionate, world class training when they select either Grapevine K9 or Elite Dog Training as their dog training provider.

Stay tuned for more news about this coming soon.


Bath Time for Kumbah

Everybody gets a bath with Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash before they go home from boarding at Grapevine K9 Dog Training for that fresh “new puppy smell”.


Drew Lynch Makes Me LOL at Service Dog Ignorance

P-p-p-preach it, Drew!

He’s exactly (and hilariously) right! Distracting a service dog or even asking its handler if you can pet it is about as inappropriate as asking someone if you can touch their prosthetic leg.