Turn in your man card if you think this dog is dangerous

I was contacted this week by this dog’s owner in one of the DFW area cities, whose neighbor filed a dangerous dog complaint after the dog escaped the house and ran after him and his dog while he rode his (probably illegal) motorized bike in the street with his own dog in tow.

The local animal control reps paid the owner a visit, did zero temperament testing, and a few days later sent the owner a notice that her dog had been determined to be a “dangerous dog” based on the complainant statement.

The owner has appealed the ruling and called me to do an assessment on her dog.

This video was taken during that assessment, at my initial introduction to the dog last night.

I’m convinced this is a case of a hostile person leveraging draconian city animal ordinances to harass a neighbor.

If the city’s ruling is upheld, this owner will have to get rid of her pet or pay a yearly $600 dangerous dog registration fee to the city, among other ridiculous local government impositions.

I will be attending the appeal hearing.

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