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Dog training – at your home or ours!

  • Basic and advanced obedience
  • Aggression remediation and rehabilitation
  • Board and train
  • Emergency / after hours boarding

Pet related construction and design:

  • Pet door installations
  • Kennel and large dog run design and construction

cropped-gk9noletter.pngDogs are individuals.

Each one possesses traits that are common among all dogs, traits common to their own breed and individual traits that make it unique.

Just like no two humans are exactly the same,no two dogs are exactly the same.

Add to that one of a kind individual dog an owner or human family made up of one of a kind humans, and you have a dynamic mixture of personalities, habits, and physical characteristics that have to be considered in order to develop an efficient and successful training strategy.

Tim Frazier has trained hundreds of dogs and educated owners over the past three decades, rehabilitating abused dogs, remediating aggression problems, and teaching owners how to better communicate with their dogs. He approaches every client with a “clean slate” and takes the time to evaluate them with their pet for free before he creates a custom plan, tailored for that unique combination of client and dog.

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From basic and advanced obedience training to correcting “red zone” dog aggression behavior, Tim Frazier has a 30 year track record of success that has literally saved dogs from the euthanasia chamber. He has turned seemingly hopeless human-canine relationships into the calm, affectionate, mutually beneficial bonds of happy dog and master, and succeeded with powerful and formerly aggressive dogs that other trainers had given up on or refused to train out of fear.

Using heaps of positive reinforcement and minimal leash correction methods, Tim draws on his experience as a former Police K9 officer and as a lifelong dog owner to bring you and your dog the very best of humane and efficient training techniques.

Tim doesn’t subscribe to a single dog training methodology.  He believes in selecting the right training strategy for each individual dog and handler depending on the objective and the issues being remediated. He maintains a large repertoire of skills which allow for multiple options to solve each problem. What works for one dog won’t necessarily work for your dog. That’s why you need a trainer like Tim, who can recognise the unique requirements of each dog as an individual and build a custom training plan specifically for it.

One of Tim’s favorite quotes:

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you end up treating every problem like a nail.

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