Kumbah the Presa Canario First Walk with Tim Frazier

Until today, 130 pound Kumbah thought a walk was him towing his owner along on the other end of the leash while he charged about full speed to investigate anything that tickled his fancy.


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A Lion at Grapevine K9

Sometimes we just have fun; at the expense of Wallace’s dignity.

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Rescuing Bruno

Bruno FrazierMeet Bruno, the newest pack member at Grapevine K9.

I adopted him today from the Grapevine Animal Shelter and Adoption Center where has lived for the past two months after being picked up on the streets with no collar or ID.  The shelter is nearing capacity and if folks don’t adopt some of the current animals  soon…well, some hard decisions will have to be made by those folks, so please help them out if you can.

Bruno is now microchipped and spending one more night in a kennel for neutering at Northwest Animal Hospital in Grapevine.

Tomorrow afternoon his world will change forever, when he comes to his forever home with a nice big yard, two other pack members, daily exercise and training regimen, and some of the best dog food on the planet, Merrick’s Buffalo Sweet Potato Recipe.

Once Bruno recovers from his little operation, he will undergo Grapevine K9 basic and advanced obedience training, and then start accompanying me as I make my rounds conducting dog training sessions all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area.

I’ve visited Bruno for the last couple of days at the shelter and he has an outstandingly friendly temperament and loves people and other dogs.