Stray dog needs help in Grapevine, Texas

There is a stray/abandoned dog in the Katy Woods area in Grapevine, Texas.She’s been listed on Facebook and missing…

Posted by Grapevine K9 Dog Training on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Turn in your man card if you think this dog is dangerous

I was contacted this week by this dog’s owner in one of the DFW area cities, whose neighbor filed a dangerous dog complaint after the dog escaped the house and ran after him and his dog while he rode his (probably illegal) motorized bike in the street with his own dog in tow.

The local animal control reps paid the owner a visit, did zero temperament testing, and a few days later sent the owner a notice that her dog had been determined to be a “dangerous dog” based on the complainant statement.

The owner has appealed the ruling and called me to do an assessment on her dog.

This video was taken during that assessment, at my initial introduction to the dog last night.

I’m convinced this is a case of a hostile person leveraging draconian city animal ordinances to harass a neighbor.

If the city’s ruling is upheld, this owner will have to get rid of her pet or pay a yearly $600 dangerous dog registration fee to the city, among other ridiculous local government impositions.

I will be attending the appeal hearing.

Shelter to Service Dog

Here’s a great comeback story nearing the completion of its first chapter.

I assisted a client with a medical disability in the selection of a shelter dog with the intent for it to be an emotional support animal. I underestimated Hank and his new owner by a country mile. The moment I saw Hank I sensed he was special. He was a two time loser, having been surrendered by his original owner for unknown reasons, then adopted and returned again for “destruction of property”.

All I saw in that initial temperament evaluation was raw potential…but I had no idea of the depth of that potential Hank actually had. He was destined to become much more than an emotional support animal.

This week Hank reached and far surpassed all the requirements for compliance with designation as a service dog as defined by federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I’m not at liberty to divulge the specific medical assistance jobs Hank is trained to do for his owner/handler, but I will tell you that Hank’s life and the life of his owner have been exponentially improved because of it.

Here’s a snapshot of Hank hitting the three minute mark of an extended down-stay off leash, outdoors, with distractions present.

Dogs Face Risk of Leptospirosis from Raccoons

Last night I assisted my neighbor in containing a raccoon that was seriously injured or ill. If you live in an area where these cute but ferocious bandits are common be sure to have your dog vaccinated against Leptospirosis, a deadly bacterial infection that causes total kidney failure in humans and dogs.

It typically spreads via the urine of racoons and rats.

Adlerhorst International Police K9 Training

I thought I knew a lot about dogs back in 1987.

But then Dave Reaver expanded my knowledge and training skills exponentially at his police dog and handler programs in Riverside, California.

This man is a dog psychology genious, and runs the best police K9 and handler facility on the planet, Adlerhorst International Inc.

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