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  • Here’s a great comeback story nearing the completion of its first chapter.

    I assisted a client with a medical disability in the selection of a shelter dog with the intent for it to be an emotional support […]

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  • Explaining how my homemade catch pole works to my grandson while we wait for animal services to collect the raccoon.

  • Last night I assisted my neighbor in containing a raccoon that was seriously injured or ill. If you live in an area where these cute but ferocious bandits are common be sure to have your dog vaccinated against […]

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  • I thought I knew a lot about dogs back in 1987.

    But then Dave Reaver expanded my knowledge and training skills exponentially at his police dog and handler programs in Riverside, California.

    This man is a […]

  • Laurel and Hardy, Snoopy and Charlie, Staubach and Pearson, and now Grapevine K9 and Elite Dog Training!

    We’re excited to announce a collaboration with our good friend and fellow professional dog trainer […]

  • Everybody gets a bath with Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash before they go home from boarding at Grapevine K9 Dog Training for that fresh “new puppy smell”.


  • P-p-p-preach it, Drew!

    He’s exactly (and hilariously) right! Distracting a service dog or even asking its handler if you can pet it is about as inappropriate as asking someone if you can touch their […]

  • Until today, 130 pound Kumbah thought a walk was him towing his owner along on the other end of the leash while he charged about full speed to investigate anything that tickled his fancy.


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  • Sometimes we just have fun; at the expense of Wallace’s dignity.

    You can book a free evaluation or paid training session with us now!


  • Want to know more about how nutrition affects health, behavior, and trainability? Schedule a free evaluation.


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