About Tim Frazier

Located in Grapevine, Texas, just a couple of miles from DFW International Airport, Grapevine K9 serves clients with appointment availabilities from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM seven days a week.

The Grapevine K9 Staff:

Timothy Frazier – Trainer

10400716_130256445316_5996_nTim has trained dogs and dog owners as a favorite pastime for 30 years and had always desired to do it full time. From 1987 to 1995 he was a Police Officer in Greenville, Texas. In 1988 he was selected as the department’s sole K9 officer and began patrolling the streets after completing police K9 training in apprehension and narcotics detection with his Belgian Malinois police dog, Bo. Together they racked up numerous drug busts, captured violent criminals, and conducted community outreach programs. Bo was a wonderful dog which could take down and subdue a fleeing armed robber one night on patrol and be safely petted and hugged by a group of kindergartners the next morning as a PR mascot and educational asset for the police department.

Tim moved from law enforcement to an information technology career in 1995 in the interest of providing his family a better income to support his two children. He rapidly climbed the corporate ladder over the next few years but continued to work with dogs and their owners, honing his skills and discovering new methods of solving dog training problems and correcting dangerous challenges with dogs that had become aggressive toward friendly strangers or other dogs and animals.

Over the last few years in his information technology career Tim developed an increasing conviction that his role in that field was contributing far too much to corporate executives’ gluttony and wealthy investors while they exported American jobs to other countries.

In September of 2015 When he was asked to terminate some of his staff simply in the interest of more profit and less production quality, he refused, and that resulted in him resigning from a six figure job.

What sometimes appears to be a setback is often accompanied by opportunity.

In the loss of his corporate job,Tim saw an opportunity to pursue a means of income that did more to benefit average Americans and the lives of their families, including the four-footed canine members. He used his entire nest egg to found Plain Sight Containers Inc. with a mission to provide customers with self defense products, places to secure or hide firearms and valuables, and as a parent company to manage the financial aspects of doing what he loves to do most of all: Work with dogs and owners to create better lives, secure homes, and harmonious pet loving families.

Tim knows that well trained dogs are at a lower risk of ending up in a shelter or being abused or abandoned. He has a love for these versatile animals, and a passionate desire to save them from abuse and abandonment. The satisfaction he gets from solving the conflicts of dogs and owners far outweighs his former much more “comfortable” income.

Tim and his wife, Robin, have owned numerous pets over their lifetimes and currently have a pit bull (Moose), a Belgian Sheep Dog (Noah), a cat (Rowdy), and an ancient (28 years old and counting!) cockatiel bird (Jazz). Among their previous pets which have passed on were:

An American Mastiff
Four Pit Bulls
Several German Shepherds
Two Schnauzers
A border Collie
A Rottweiler
A Dachschund
A Beagle
…and a host of others with questionable lineage, but they were all beloved family members.

Moose Frazier – Vice President of Marketing

Moose Pit Bull Puppy 6 weeks old
Moose at 6 weeks old

Moose is a pit bull rescue.

Tim and Robin got him as 6 week old puppy from an owner who was being forced to give him up by her property management.  Moose was removed from his litter way too early, Tim’s best guess is around 4 weeks of age, and had some canine psychology and development issues as a result.

Tim has found Moose to be one of his most challenging and rewarding training opportunities.  Today Moose is well adjusted, very sociable around people, and tolerates other animals.  He is still being trained and will one day soon earn his Canine Good Citizen certification.

At a March 2016 lunch visit to Lucy’s Lot, a bar and grill with a dog friendly patio in Grapevine, Tx, Moose was so well behaved and affectionate with the people there that Tim ended up running out of business cards.  As a result, Tim promoted Moose to the position of Vice President of Marketing.  It is an unpaid position, only because Moose doesn’t have a wallet or a bank account.





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